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Piers Morgan blasts Harry & Meghan’s new Netflix documentary


Harry and Meghan’s highly anticipated Netflix documentary is due to return with the final three episodes on December 15. Since the first three episodes aired, the couple has faced a wave of backlash over some of the claims they’ve made about Meghan adjusting to royal life. In Piers Morgan Uncensored, the host slammed Meghan and Harry and he blasts the “lies” they’ve told.

Joining Piers to discuss the three episodes was Sunday Times editor Roya Nikkhah and former royal correspondent Michael Cole.

Mentioning that Roya had written a piece on all the claims the couple had made in the documentary so far, Piers said she had nailed all of the allegations that didn’t ring true.

The TalkTV highlighted Meghan’s niece in the series who was unable to attend the wedding based on advice that had come from the palace.

Asking Roya for the truth, she replied: “That was not the account that two people who worked very closest with Meghan and Harry told me, both of whom had very specific recollections of that conversation with Meghan.”


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