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Following Sunday’s presidential election in Cameroon, final results have yet to be announced, but opposition candidates are alleging that fraud and voting irregularities took place. International observers and elections monitoring organizations have not officially commented on allegations.

We were watching closely as Kah Walla, candidate of the Cameroon People’s Party, and Vital Voices Global Leadership Network member, ran for office. This morning, Kah sent a message thanking supporters from around the world who have rallied for her.

Kah echoes the call of fellow candidates for a closer look into the election process, citing poor technical management, registration inaccuracies and the use of intimidation and violence on election day.

Though the situation in Cameroon remains uncertain, we know that there can be no hope for progress in Cameroon if elections are not democratic, free and fair. We commend Kah for her courage and commitment – her candidacy was the realization of a vision, a new brand of leadership – and we look forward to all she has yet to achieve.


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