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3 Business Lessons To Learn From Grant Cardone


1. Invest in yourself

Grant Cardone is a big proponent of investing in yourself. If you want to grow in the professional, business or real estate world, you need to learn from people who have done it themselves. This doesn’t mean learning from a professor who has never started their own company before or a real estate influencer who has only just bought his first property. This does mean finding experts in your field and paying for their training and mentorship.

When starting, you can read their books, watch their free content and attend their free events. But at some point, you will need to graduate by attending their paid training. If you don’t pay to

learn from other people’s mistakes, you will pay with your own. The latter is much more costly in the long run.

I have not only interviewed Cardone for my YouTube channel, but I have also paid him for one-to-one coaching. Sitting down with such a great business mind was worth paying for. When you are a multimillionaire, even advice that changes your behavior in a small way can make you and your business a lot of money. What Cardone said to me had a significant impact on my mindset.

2. Get your advice from the right people

Choosing who to take advice from is about where they are in business and where you are. Someone might be rich, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the correct advice for you and where you are. When I spoke to Cardone, I talked to him about a wealthy guy who had told me to save money and not invest it back into growth. Cardone asked if this guy was nearing retirement, and I said yes. Cardone told me that was good advice for someone looking to retire, but I was still in the growth stage. The advice wasn’t good for me.

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When you are growing your business, you need to find people that can help you grow aggressively. When you are looking to retire, you want someone that can help you protect what you have made and preserve assets for the next generation. Know where you are and know.

3. 10x your goals

Cardone’s well known for his 10x brand, but people often don’t think very hard about what that actually means. Growing your goals requires delayed gratification. You will need to be willing to forgo short-term profits for long-term growth. You will need to be ready to spend enough to grow rather than focusing on your immediate return on investment.


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